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Because we work daily with many families, schools and community partners; email is our quickest way to connect with you. Please enter your information below and we typically can respond within 24 hours or less.

You may reach us by phone at 980-229-3423; however we may not be able to speak with you immediately, due to our schedules and the undivided attention that we give each of the families we serve.

Email is our preferred form of communication; as we can respond from any location.  Please email:

Please note *we are not a crisis hotline and we do not offer crisis services*.  If you are in crisis with your child, do the following steps:

  1. If you have a clinician, therapist or psychiatrist-call them first
  2. If your child is unsafe to themselves or others and cannot safely be driven to a Hospital; call 911 and request a "CIT-Trained" officer to come assist you to transport your child.

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​​A Family Resource for Youth with Brain Disorders

Amazing Grace Advocacy

We are located in the Collective at One Life Church

1030 Central Drive NW, Concord North Carolina 28025