Family and Community Opportunities

Amazing Grace Advocacy does not meet for Support Groups or Workshops in November & December.  We look forward to having a great year of support and education for you in 2018!


We are looking for parents,community members and providers that would like to make a difference for children by volunteering with  Amazing Grace Advocacy.  We are expanding at a rapid rate and need volunteers, committee members and your GREAT Ideas!  

Summer Camp Program 2018

We need parents, EC staff and community members to help us create an AMAZING SUMMER PROGRAM for all ages for the Summer of 2018.

 There will be an interest meeting in January 2018


Children diagnosed with Brain Disorders may learn, behave and communicate differently; however their dreams, goals and purpose are no less important than any other child.

Amazing Grace Advocacy works to empower families in achieving safe and nurturing environments for their children to grow, learn and transition into adulthood with purpose and sustainability.

We believe "Every Life Has a Purpose" with enabling all individuals to discover and enjoy their qualities through support and opportunity.

Kenneth and Joellyn Padgett

Frank and Frances Bartley

Ted & Sharon Dupaski

Pat Maki

Kimberly McNeely

Daniel Charlton

Pam Medlin

​Kristin Jenkins

​Kathy Spease

Bill & Mollie Farber

Tina Winters

Tammy Wright

Jodi Spears

Maureen Morris

Robert Dudley

Leslie & Craig Berry

JT Patton

Margaret Miles

Lori Little

​Chris Rice

Megan Johnson

Richard Fennell

Kortney Linker

One Life Church

We have raised $6385.00

So FAr!  Thank You to all who have donated and supported our Programs and Services! 

Carie Bumbarger In Memory of Helen Sykes

Bill Peterson

Arthette Spears

Justin Wallace

Debbie Gardner

Crystal Wise

Pat & Wendy Dudley

​Tripp & Erika Setliff

Susan Finn

Jessica Reid

​Tina Cline

every Life Has a Purpose

Empowering Families raising Children, Teens and Young Adults with Brain Disorders

Why support our Programs?

  • There are not enough Summer Programs for local Special Needs Youth. Investing in our 2018 Summer Camps will provide 8 weeks of activities for children and teens.
  • Having quality programs for youth and families provides better outcomes and resiliency to their lives; which impacts the health of our community.
  • Supporting families with navigation of complex systems of Mental Health and Special Healthcare Needs achieves appropriate treatment which reduces system backlog and provides cost savings to families and Medicaid.
  • We believe EVERY LIFE HAS A PURPOSE! Every child should be given the opportunity to discover gifts, talents and interests with encouragement to dream and achieve goals without barriers!

Help us reach our goal of $5,000 between Tuesday, October 24th and December 31st. 

Funds will be used to jumpstart our 2018 Summer Program for Special Needs Youth and Teens.

​Our goal is to provide 8 weeks of activities and camps to promote retention of skills, social interaction and much needed respite for all families and youth living with Special Needs.  All donors will receive a pack of our Christmas Cards and become 2018 Sponsors of Amazing Grace.


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