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Educating and empowering families, along with the youth, to take control of seeking and attaining their needs, in order to enjoy parenting,adolescence and the transition into purposeful adulthood.


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Our experiences, frustrations, road blocks and victories led us together to support families in navigating through the world of Brain Disorders.

Summer 2017

Support Group for Cabarrus County will meet June 12th, July 10th, and August 14th!

We are looking for parents,community members and providers that would like to get more involved in Amazing Grace Advocacy.  We are expanding at a rapid rate and need volunteers, committee members and your GREAT ideas!  Contact Gwen Bartley if you would like to get involved!

Amazing Grace Advocacy would like to THANK our Local Leaders and Community Partners in collaborating to work on solutions for families raising children with Brain Disorders. Cabarrus County has launched a effort to address the gaps and needs of Mental Health in our County. Amazing Grace Advocacy will be representing the voices of the local families and sharing that: Every Life Has A Purpose.

Children diagnosed with Brain Disorders may learn, behave and communicate differently; however their dreams, goals and purpose are no less important than any other child.

Amazing Grace Advocacy works to empower families in achieving safe and nurturing environments for their children to grow, learn and transition into adulthood with purpose and sustainability.

We believe "Every Life Has a Purpose" with enabling all individuals to discover and enjoy their qualities through support and opportunity.

Independent Tribune 4 Part series on Mental health in Cabarrus Co.

Gwen Bartley and Paula Yost contributed to these publications

It's Your Business Summer Camp

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Parent Empowerment Support Groups are held every month in Cabarrus County (Concord).  Support Groups are for entire family to participate in.

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every Life Has a Purpose

Empowering Families raising Children, Teens and Young Adults with Brain Disorders